The first
super-scalable collective

We Decentralize DeFi

DXdao is a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, that develops, governs, and grows DeFi products. Spawned in May of 2019, DXdao is a highly scalable collective focused on the DeFi ecosystem.

400+Over 400 unique stakeholder addresses
$0mTVL in DXdao
A governance-enabled
automated-market maker with adjustable fees.
Governance 2.0. A platform made for DAOs by a DAO. Reputation, token voting and holographic consensus.
Carrot gives users permissionless access to create community-driven programmable incentives that reward them when set criterias are met.
A fully decentralized prediction market platform built on top of the Gnosis conditional token framework.
Aqua is the place to conduct transparent token auctions with a fair price discovery.

at the core

DXdao’s guiding philosophy is decentralization. Eliminating reliance on central operators ensures fair access to public infrastructure for all. DXdao’s products and governance are permissionless and decentralized, because they attract an organic community that builds resiliency.

On-chain, transparent governance

DXdao builds and governs out in the open. Its treasury is on-chain and all contributors are paid through on-chain proposals. DXdao governance also manages product updates, treasury movements as well as signal proposals that guide the direction of DXdao. Calls are recorded and most discourse takes place in the public forum.

DXdao’s governance Dapp
DXdao’s forum on DAOtalk

A home for builders

DXdao is an internet-native organization building the future of work. Contributors come from five continents and are building new processes and products for coordinating work across the globe. For entrepreneurs, DXdao offers access to decentralized tools and funding without the overhead of a traditional organization.